Last one for tonight, I promise…

It is not without some measure of shame that I admit to being an Amorra shipper…So imagine my delight when my husband conveniently requested to cosplay as Amon for our Legend of Korra set.  Crack-pairings: Keeping marriage fun!

I knew when we made arrangements to do a mini-photo-shoot that I was going to need to throw a few shipping shots in or regret it forever…but seriously, try explaining shipping (and Amorra, at that) to two grown men who don’t have tumblr accounts.  LOL…the looks on their faces….as they judged me mercilessly…

But whatever, I was indulged, so that’s all that matters.  One of my favorite Amorra fan-artists here on tumblr is mongoliantiger (if you love Amorra and aren’t following her, you should be), so I resolved to attempt to re-create some of her pictures in live-action form.  The photographer didn’t exactly “get” what I was going for, but in her defense I suppose Amorra is kind of hard to explain to people who are normal.

So there you have it.  A somewhat underwhelming Amorra set.  Maybe we’ll try again at the next con.


Korra — Shoeninja

Photographers — Stephanie Barta of “Snapshots by Stephanie”, and Clairesse Protani 

Artistic Inspiration — Mongoliantiger, found here